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Welcome to Animals Matter!

If you are looking at this site, it is because you love your pets despite them behaving in an undesirable way but really wish they could change!

Companion animals navigate our world by having to interpret what we are asking of them in a way that it is meaningful to them. In turn, the animal then needs to translate and display responses back to communicate with humans. Understanding a different species can be difficult; a lot can get lost in translation and this is where things go wrong. When animals display problematic behaviours, they are trying to communicate to us as to how they are feeling. No animal will ever act out of spite or malice; they all strive to live in a happy environment where their needs are met, just as humans do. By changing their emotions in a kind and respectful way, we can change their behaviour. 

As every animal is an individual and will respond differently to certain situations, going onto social media to get advice from unqualified people on what “worked for them” may prove damaging and even inadvertently reinforce the problematic behaviour or create new ones, potentially leading to the animal being rehomed or euthanized. This is extremely unfair to the animal so please ensure only professional, qualified people are tasked with helping your pet. 

All animals have emotions and are sentient beings; let’s work together to make sure animals matter!



90-minute consultation with Behaviour Modification Plan (BMP)
90-minute consultation without BMP
60-minute Consultation
R350 per hour (at your home)

Should you wish a telephonic or online consultation, then this can be arranged.

NB: Some Pet Medical Aids cover our fees up to a certain amount per annum. Please contact your specific pet medical aid to see whether they cover Behaviourist fees.

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